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Looking for a Small/Mini Hot Water Bottle?

mini-hot-water-bottleIf you’re looking for a small or mini hot water bottle then check out our new section of the site which is dedicated to smaller hot water bottles.

The most popular size of hot water bottle is 2 litre but sometimes you need something a little smaller. That’s where these mini and small bottles come in.

Check out the new collection on the small and mini bottle page.

The Re-designed Hot Water Bottle Site

Welcome to the totally redesigned Hot Water Bottle Site. We hope you like what we’ve done to the place! There are a few new features that we’d like to highlight.

  • Featured Bottle Gallery – We’ve introduced a new ‘featured’ gallery right here on the home page, on the right hand side. The galley displays a random selection of our favourite Bottles. Click on any of the images to jump directly to the retailers store.
  • Simplified Navigation – We’ve gone back to basics with the navigation. Now all you need to do is click on of the tabs at the top of the page to jump straight into one of the product showcases.
  • Improved Product Showcases – We’ve made the proudct showcases clearer and simplier to improve your browsing experience. We’ve doubled the size of the images and increased the width of the page so you can see more bottles with less scrolling!

We hope you enjoy the redesign!