How to Fill a Hot Water Bottle

Caution: Before filling your hot water bottle, please read out hot water bottle safety tips

1. If applicable, fully remove your hot water bottle from it’s cover.

2. Check you hot water bottle to make sure it is still in good condition. Ensure the rubber is in good condition and there are no splits or holes.

Caution: If the bottle is damaged in any way, do not use

3. Unscrew the plastic plug stopper in the end of the bottle, empty any out any existing water.

4. Turn on your hot tap. Wait for the water to reach its hottest temperature (usually 1-2 minutes).

Caution: Do not use boiling water from the kettle

5. When the tap has reached full temperature, turn the tap off.

6. Place the hot water bottle under the nozzle of the tap.

7. Slowly turn the tap back on.

8. Fill the bottle until it is about three quarters full. Turn the hot tap off.

9. Slowly and carefully squeeze the middle of the hot water bottle so the air comes out and the water is just below the plug hole.

10. Ensuring the water level remains below the plug hole, screw the plug back onto the hot water bottle. Make sure that the plug is tightly secured.

11. Use a cloth or tea towel to dry up any spilt water.

12. If you hot water bottle has a cover, place back inside.

13. Enjoy!