Electric Hot Water Bottles

Electric hot water bottles are an interesting alternative to the traditional version we all know so well. The idea is that rather than filling a rubber hot water bottle with very hot water as you would usually, you simply ‘charge’ the bottle up by plugging it in.

Electric Hot Water BottleAs far as we are aware, there is only one manufacturer that makes these type of bottles – De Vielle. In this post we look at how these bottles work and whether they might be a good alternative to regular bottles.


To heat the bottle you plug into the mains power using the special plug and connection supplied. Once plugged in and switched on, the hot water bottle starts to warm up.

There is a light to tell you that the bottle is warming up. When the bottle has reached it’s full temperature a thermostat within the bottle automatically switches the connection off. This prevents the bottle from overheating.

Reviewers of the product have confirmed that the bottle takes about 15 minutes to get to full temperature.


Once the bottle has reached it’s full temperature the plug can be removed and the bottle will retain it’s heat for up to 6 hours.

Purchasers of the product have noted that while the product does not get as hot a as a traditional hot water bottle, it does retain its heat for the advertised 6 hours.


Bronze-ehwb2An electric bottle has obvious advantages over traditional bottles when it comes to safety. There two main advantages.

Firstly the bottle does not need to be filled using hot water which can be challenging and potentially dangerous for people with reduced hand eye coordination.

Secondly the electric hot water bottle avoids the dangers of a traditional bottle bottle splitting if sat on or misused. The electric bottles are permanently sealed for safety.


The latest model of Deville electric hot water bottle is available from Amazon priced at £29.99. Obviously this is substantially more than traditional models however the convenience and safety offered by this design may make them worthwhile to some.


The electric hot water bottles are available from amazon in three options;

  • Gray Slate priced at £21.25 with free P+P.
  • Mocha Brown priced at £29.99 with free P+P. Currently out of stock
  • As a twin pack containing one of each colour at £49.99 with free P+P. Currently out of stock

If you have one of these , we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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