Great New Childrens Character Hot Water Bottles


We’ve just updated our selection of children’s hot water bottles to include a wide range of popular characters that children will know and love.

The selection now includes some classic Disney characters such as Whinnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Tigger.

Newer characters have also been added with the likes of Peppa the Pig and Spongebob Squarepants all now available.

Click here to view the whole range and for a see below for a full list of the characters available at the time of writing;

  • FiremanWinnie the Pooh Hot Water Bottles
  • Tigger Hot Water Bottles
  • Mickey Mouse Hot Water Bottles
  • Minnie Mouse Hot Water Bottles
  • Dora the Explorer Hot Water Bottles
  • Toy Story Hot Water Bottles
  • Spiderman Hot Water Bottles
  • Disney Cars Hot Water Bottles
  • Spongebob Squarepants Hot Water Bottles
  • Gremlins Gizmo Hot Water Bottles
  • Fireman Sam Hot Water Bottles
  • Disney Princess Hot Water Bottles
  • Thomas the Tank Engine Hot Water Bottles
  • Peppa the Pig Hot Water Bottles

The full range of children’s hot water bottles can be found here.

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