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October 13th, 2014

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September 25th, 2014
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August 31st, 2014

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August 11th, 2014

Hot Bear

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Christmas is Coming! Our Favourite 2014 Christmas Hot Water Bottles

If you hadn’t noticed the christmas is well and truly on it’s way.

To celebrate, we’ve added a special Christmas section to the website. Here you’ll find a hand picked selection of some of the best Christmas Hot Water Bottles for this festive season. What better a stocking filler?

Penguin Hot Water Bottles

A certain advert has made everyone fall in love with penguins this year. If you like us are smitten with Monty the Penguin and can’t get your hands on an official Monty and Mable hot water bottle (sold out at the time of writing) then there are a few alternatives.

Looking for a Small/Mini Hot Water Bottle?

If you’re looking for a small or mini hot water bottle then check out our new section of the site which is dedicated to smaller hot water bottles. The most popular size of hot water bottle is 2 litre but sometimes you need something a little smaller. That’s where these mini and small bottles come […]

Great New Hot Hugs Added

       Here at the Hot Water Bottle Site we are massive fans of Hot Hugs – adorable little cuddly toys with a secret. Inside each Hot Hug is a microwavable warming bag which can be heated in the microwave and inserted into the Hot Hug providing a warm huggable soft toy to take to bed. […]

Great New Childrens Character Hot Water Bottles

We’ve just updated our selection of children’s hot water bottles to include a wide range of popular characters that children will know and love.

The selection now includes some classic Disney characters such as Whinnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse and Tigger.

newer basic bottles
Hot Water Bottles to Keep Cool?

In this article on the BBC News Website one of the commenters suggests that a hot water bottle can be used to keep cool on a hot summer night.

Apparently filling a bottle with ice and cold water can be a great way to cool. Have any readers tried this? Let us know in the comments.

Summer Hot Water Bottles

It may well be summer, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t loads of great hot water bottles still available from a wide range of Internet retailers.

Our website ensures that all the bottles displayed on the Hot Water Bottle Site are in stock at their respective retailers and ready for immediate delivery.

The People Tree: Eco Friendly Hot Water Bottles

Have you ever thought where your hot water bottles come from? Where your stuff comes from? Well the folks over at the People Tree Have. They offer a small collection of eco friendly, ethical hot water bottles. As far as we know these eco credentials are unique to the People Tree. Below we have a […]

Get all 80’s with Truffle Shuffle Hot Water Bottles

We’ve just come across these brilliant hot water bottles from Truffle Shuffle – the 80s store.               One bottle references Top Gun with the quote “Take me to bed or lose me forever” another features Gizmo from the Gremlins and another The Goonies. At £7.99 each these are some great retro bargains. Click […]

This Winter’s Most Popular Bottles

Well we’re well into another cold dark winter so we thought we’d delve into our website stats and see what the most popular bottles have been so far in the 2011/2012 winter.  Vagabond bottles from seem to be ruling the roost! You’ve been snapping them up in your hundreds – and we can see […]